Fraud awareness

Important Information you should know about Epicure:

Scope of business activity:

Epicure is not a bank and is not authorised to conduct investing, lending, financing, or similar business activities generally carried out by a bank and/or other financial institutions.

The scope of authorisation of Epicure is limited to the activities listed in its scope of authorisation issued by the QFCRA (the regulatory authority having oversight over Epicure). This can be independently verified on the public register maintained by the QFCRA at‐registers.

Dealing with retail customers:

At present, Epicure is not authorised to conduct business with retail customers. Epicure only deals with business customers (eg, banks, financial institutions and other large undertakings) as defined in the QFCRA Customer and Investor Protection Rules 2019.

Client onboarding process prior to rendering services:

We will commence dealings with a customer only after the customer has been successfully onboarded in accordance with our Anti‐Money Laundering (“AML”) policy. There will be certain documentation exchanged (know your customer, client classification, terms of business, agreements etc.) before we start rendering services.

Details of Board and Senior management personnel of Epicure:

Up to date information of our Board Members and senior management personnel is always available on this website under the tab “About Us”. This can also be independently verified from the public register of the QFCRA at‐registers. This information is updated promptly as soon as there are changes in our Board and senior management personnel.


Epicure is a wholly owned subsidiary of Qatar Insurance Company (“QIC”). Thus, we may use
email addresses with the following domain names;

If you receive an email from a different email address that looks similar purporting to be from Epicure, please assume that it is an attempt at fraud.

Fraudulent Websites:

Criminals may create fake websites claiming to be that of Epicure. Every potential new client/customer is encouraged to only communicate with Epicure through official channels and only enter into any transactions after the completion of our client onboarding process.

Reporting a suspected Fraud

If you think you have received communication from a fraudulent party, please contact us at the telephone number and email address provided on this website under the tab “Contact us”.